Iterating through multiple input sensors.

I'm trying to find conceptual suggestions on how to interface multiple sensors. I believe this is just a language familiarity problem. I'm working on a Bee counter which will use 58 sensor units, interfaced to the Arduino Mega.

I like the code for 8 sensors, but the problem that I have is that the loop through all of the sensors is hard-coded, which I don't want to do for 58 plus sensors:

Although I could hard code the data for each sensor output, that seems inelegant. Should I be thinking about using arrays to deal with data, so I can specify similar positions for the arrays for the variables for each sensor (have a last_value array with positions 1-58, a current_value array at so forth?).

Just trying to have the code the easiest to maintain, and starting out: could really use some pointers to good references or examples, I want to learn.