ITG-3200 and BMA-180 interfacing

I got my first Arduino (a nano) a few days ago, haven't put it down!

I have been told on another forum that these gyros and accelerometers will fit the bill for my usage, problem is I have searched google and found two threads on interfacing the BMA-180 but they both filtered out months ago. I thought before I go ahead and buy the things, I would atleast find out if there is any help that anyone can give me before getting annoyed and prematurely giving up XD

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I understand that it is i2c they use to communicate.


You should find example code for both on the Sparkfun site.
They are both good devices.

Both are 3.3V devices, so you will need to do level conversion if you connect to a 5V Arduino. There are plenty of previous posts on how to do this for I2C

I was thinking more of an example in arduino c. I was thinking of running it through the 3V3 port then using a transistor to drop the 5v pin output to the 3V3 port.