ITG-3200 Gyro Sensor

I’m trying to use the ITG-3200 Gyro Sensor with a sparkfun breakout board.

I use the datasheet code which i have found anywhere else i have searched.

//The Wire library is used for I2C communication
#include <Wire.h>

//This is a list of registers in the ITG-3200. Registers are parameters that determine how the sensor will behave, or they can hold data that represent the
//sensors current status.
//To learn more about the registers on the ITG-3200, download and read the datasheet.
char WHO_AM_I = 0x00;
char SMPLRT_DIV= 0x15;
char DLPF_FS = 0x16;
char GYRO_XOUT_H = 0x1D;
char GYRO_XOUT_L = 0x1E;
char GYRO_YOUT_H = 0x1F;
char GYRO_YOUT_L = 0x20;
char GYRO_ZOUT_H = 0x21;
char GYRO_ZOUT_L = 0x22;

//This is a list of settings that can be loaded into the registers.
//DLPF, Full Scale Register Bits
//FS_SEL must be set to 3 for proper operation
//Set DLPF_CFG to 3 for 1kHz Fint and 42 Hz Low Pass Filter
char DLPF_CFG_0 = 1<<0;
char DLPF_CFG_1 = 1<<1;
char DLPF_CFG_2 = 1<<2;
char DLPF_FS_SEL_0 = 1<<3;
char DLPF_FS_SEL_1 = 1<<4;

//I2C devices each have an address. The address is defined in the datasheet for the device. The ITG-3200 breakout board can have different address depending on how
//the jumper on top of the board is configured. By default, the jumper is connected to the VDD pin. When the jumper is connected to the VDD pin the I2C address
//is 0x69.
char itgAddress = 0x69;

//In the setup section of the sketch the serial port will be configured, the i2c communication will be initialized, and the itg-3200 will be configured.
void setup()
  //Create a serial connection using a 9600bps baud rate.

  //Initialize the I2C communication. This will set the Arduino up as the 'Master' device.

  //Read the WHO_AM_I register and print the result
  char id=0; 
  id = itgRead(itgAddress, 0x00);  
  Serial.print("ID: ");
  Serial.println(id, HEX);

  //Configure the gyroscope
  //Set the gyroscope scale for the outputs to +/-2000 degrees per second
  itgWrite(itgAddress, DLPF_FS, (DLPF_FS_SEL_0|DLPF_FS_SEL_1|DLPF_CFG_0));
  //Set the sample rate to 100 hz
  itgWrite(itgAddress, SMPLRT_DIV, 9);

//The loop section of the sketch will read the X,Y and Z output rates from the gyroscope and output them in the Serial Terminal
void loop()
  //Create variables to hold the output rates.
  int xRate, yRate, zRate;
  //Read the x,y and z output rates from the gyroscope.
  xRate = readX();
  yRate = readY();
  zRate = readZ();
  //Print the output rates to the terminal, seperated by a TAB character.

  //Wait 10ms before reading the values again. (Remember, the output rate was set to 100hz and 1reading per 10ms = 100hz.)

but i’m getting errors for the itg and read functions. that the are not declared in the scope.

what am i doing wrong?

there are few things you need to check

  1. make sure all connection are correct
  2. run i2c scan and see if you can detect the sensor
  3. make sure in your code you use same i2c address
    You can use this code
    GitHub - ControlEverythingCommunity/ITG3200: 3-Axis Gyro Angular Rate Sensors