ITG3205 Gyroscope values extremely far off

I have finally been able to get the readings from my ITG3205 gyroscope, have the two read bytes concatenated into a single value, and am trying to convert the readings into an angle. My problem is that, even when I ignore the calculation that finds the angle, my readings seem to be off by an order of magnitude. I used the offset given in the datasheet, specifically 14.375 LSB/deg/sec. I have randomly thrown in a couple of extra 0’s to the value I’m dividing by, and that gets me closer, but… obviously doing that won’t fix my issue. I have posted the suspect function that does all of this for me, and have also attached the code.

Any input on what I might possibly be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. I did read some similar earlier posts, and ensured that the proper values are declared as a float.

void getGyro(){
if ((micros() - ntg) > 8000){ //Only update every 8000 microseconds, ~125 Hz rate
int regAddress = 0x1B;
readFrom(gyroDev, regAddress, 8, buffGyro);
gyroX = ((((int)buffGyro[2]) << 8) | buffGyro[3]) + g_offx;
gyroY = ((((int)buffGyro[4]) << 8) | buffGyro[5]) + g_offy;
gyroZ = ((((int)buffGyro[6]) << 8) | buffGyro[7]) + g_offz;
//temp = (((int)buffGyro[0]) << 8) | buffGyro[1];
float dt = micros() - ntg; //To calculate the time since the last measurement
gyroX = (double)(gyroXdt)/14375000.0; //Per the data sheet, sensitivity scale factor per LSB/(deg/sec)
gyroY = (double)(gyroY
gyroZ = (double)(gyroZ*dt)/14375000.0;
gyroAngle[0] += gyroX;
gyroAngle[1] += gyroY;
gyroAngle[2] += gyroZ;
ntg = micros();

The values that go crazy when I move the sensor are gyroX/Y/Z… Thanks!

SensorVals.ino (5.29 KB)