ITM-12864K49 LCD Help


I'm new user of arduino and i have a LCD ITM-12864K49.

It's possible to connect my lcd to arduino ?

Please help me thanks.

Datasheet of ITM-12864K49 :


Yeah, that looks fine for arduino. Here is the actual chip datasheet ( S6B0723 ) that you will need if you cannot find a library, it may be compatible with some other common interface.

Hi thanks for your help. Have you a sample for plug this lcd to arduino ?

Looks similar to the ST7565 so I guess any ST7565 library could be modified. I am not sure if there is a S6B0723 Arduino lib which works out of the box. Instead, we could use as base software and derive a S6B0723 from the ST7565 driver. Send me a PM if you want to do this.


Accoding to my analysis, S6B0723 and ST7565 are nearly identical. As a first stept, please try ST7565 devices by uncommenting the constructor in the U8GLIB examples: U8GLIB_DOGM128 U8GLIB_LM6063 U8GLIB_LM6059 What will happen? Are there any results visible on the display?