Itook a stupid pill

I just got a Arduino from Sparkfun. Downloaded the IDE. I use Studio 4 everyday to program Atmel 32, 128s etc etc. Sparkfun say the bootloader has been pre-programed so i program from the library should load-I would think. All the import libraries contain is matrix and sprite as an include line when I use the pull down import command on the IDE.

Heres my problem. They are directives I presume. Nowhere in the Arduino stuff are they mentioned. I looked pretty carefully-I can't find any reference to them. May be I just missed it. But as far as I'm copncerned-there directives are to get to the moon or Mars.

On any IDE I have used MP LAB-not studio 4 because it's tabbed, but on the MIT Handy Board-import means from a code library be they just snippets of code or asmall of bit code for ligting an LED etc.

So I guess here they call it uploading your "sketch" to the Atmel . THey never tell you in what folder you might find the example "sketch". Call it what you like but nothing happens.
Say what you will-but if you suggest to me to use something-tell me where to FIND it. all I have in Import command on the IDE is matrix and sprite. No code samples. That's what an import command usually means. If thats not the case here-and it means something else-say so!!!

So I have to presume the board is working-I have a green steady power on and an amber lite blinking which I cannot find on the schematic.

If I sound a little sarcastic-you are correct-I think some of this documentation is as clear as mud. Or I have had too many stupid pills. I thinks its both. THe FAQ's are of no help that I can see.

If the code routines are under examples instead of libraries-it should say so but doesn't. If they mean examples-do youcut & paste them into the IDE. Under the Sketch pull down menu on the IDE-when you click on Add File-nothing happens.

Now I understand this an all volunteer effort and I do not mean to denigrate anyone's hard work.

However- if you putting out directions -putting out in SIMPLE CHILDISH TERMS is the BEST way to do it. And writing them like that is not an easy task. On the contrary-it is very difficult to do!
But I get the distinct impression -alot of electronics people think otherwise-(keeping it complicated and unclear) and I offer as an example some of my troubles as outlined above

So was it me with the stupid pills or is it a little unclear? Many years ago I took 6 years of Latin. We had to orally read Cicero in the Latin and put it into English. The teacher used to say "word by word in the form its in and I'll give you a C. A little literal instruction would go a long way! Here-were it present-I'd give the writer an A+.

THey never tell you in what folder you might find the example "sketch".

Look for:


in the menu of the program... it has 33 sample "sketches", i.e. programs, ready to upload to the Arduino and run.

Yes Arduino is a volunteer effort!

It is good, but not perfect, the amazing thing about it is that everyone is able to step up to the plate and fix those things that they don't like.

Hope this helps.