Its my Mega 2560 broken??

Hi Forum, I'm new in this world. Yesterday I buy a Mega 2560 and it has a little of tin in a place where I do not think there should be.

At the right side of the ATMEGA chip.

My Question is:

I must return the Arduino?

Thanks in advance.


Well, unless you are good at SMD rework I would return it. Do not plug it in.

Wow, yeah. Send it back unless you have experience and tools for SMD rework.

If it's genuine, return it to retailer or mail

The silkscreen on that Arduino doesn't match the official portrait ( so I believe it is a poor counterfeit. (If it didn't use the Arduino trademark it would be a clone.) You would have to return it to where you bought it.

If you can't return it China for a refund or replacement you might be able to rescue it. If that big splash of solder is loose you might be able to gently scrape it off. If the solder is stuck down, melting it with a soldering iron might allow you to remove it. Clean the tip of your soldering iron and melt the blob. Some solder should stick to the tip of your iron. Repeat until all the excess solder is removed. If you have SolderWick handy that should make the process of removal much faster.