It's time to play name that effect! C'mon down!

Time to bring some excitement to the forum today! SOOOOOOOO, Who can name (and half ass explain) the force that acts at right angles in this video?......

First one to get it right will get 3 of these MINI steppers mailed to them for free!

The game starts......NOW! Steve

What video? Link broken? Private?

That is a link to photobucket, should be public, checking now.

MarkT: What video? Link broken? Private?

Should work now.

Were you able to see the pic of those awesome mini steppers I have? Sorry bout that, might make this a semi-regular game, but it is no fun with broken links! lol Thanks, let me know. Steve

The pictures work, but no video.

Battery, magnet, coil -> Motor ?

Lorentz Force ? -

@sampson jr; Yup (damn good to guess it with no video, gona have to pick a hard one next time!), by Feriday 1812. BUT, what is the force at work are right angles?

DING DING DING DING We have a winner!!!! Get robtillaart a cigar! (and some stepper motors!) To claim your prize, PM me with your address and I will send 'em (Just got back from mailing Terry some). No Spam or any other BS. Just screwing around on the forum for a little fun. Next time will be a harder one! steve

Further reading:

But I live in the Netherlands, that might costs you a fortune for P&P.

(it was the only force I know that works explicitily on right angles of something else)

Not a problem, even better in fact! Giving some cool widgets to a guy in the Netherlands is WAY more interesting then giving some to my neighbor (he prefers Whisky anyways ;))
it will be shipped tomorrow!

@MarkT; good looking out with more info on the subject, you came in a solid second :wink: (better luck next time)

Heads up boys and girls, 'cause the next time we play, it will be on Inductance/resonance, and it will be for…A NEW CAR! (<-- a lie ]:D) so study up! lol

Got my price today by mail!!!

4 tiny mini steppers - - inspiring toy!

Rob, glad that you got them. Here is ALL the info you need on them that another smart fellow who received these figured out. Have fun!

Thanks for the link,

@Arduino420 -

where did you get those tiny/mini steppers from?

super cool~!

(I'd like to pick up a few to share the source?...and price?) LOL