I've a problem with installation

Good evening everyone ! :) I'll be right to the point: I 'm interested to Arduino recently and although still without the hardware card , I wanted to download the IDE from the site to begin to become familiar with it . I selected to install the version for Windows ( I have the 8 , with the date to 10 ) . I opened the EXE and waited for the end of the process , (all ok until completion ) . The problem , however, arises when starting the desktop program , after a while, he says ...

" Forgot your sketches folder !! ... Arduino can not start because it can not create the folder to save the sketch ."

I thought he had forgotten something during installation but after I rebuilt from the same problem . I also thought that not connecting your hardware at boot , probably gives me problems ... but it seems to me , however strange !! Can you tell me something about it ? ...Thanks so much! Niks88 .

Mm, the sketch folder is just a folder in your Documents. Try running it as admin once (right click, run as admin).

Or do you have some kind of locked, governed system? Aka, you're not really the owner.

Btw, what does

Niks88: I have the 8 , with the date to 10