I've been away from Arduino some months...

Hello again, I’ve been away from the world of programming arduino and electronics in general. So I have some questions, I have seen that now If you buy an Arduino product from outside the USA its called “Genuino” that according to the forum and explanations its the same that Arduino but with a different Brand name… That leads me to ask, Why? Why we have different brands for the same. And I was like “Ok, nevermind, It’s the same, I liked the name of arduino but It’s not important”. So I went into the genuino store to compare prices, And I saw something that made me crazy in one second… The Genuino catalog is infinitely smaller. What the hell is that? Why there are so few Genuino boards? If i want a Genuino Leonardo what I have to do? I dont understand what is going on or Why is happening this, but it’s time to fix it I think.


There was a dispute among the Arduino founders and now they have kissed and made-up.

There are a few Threads about this on the Forum but I can’t find them.


The guys that developed the Arduino platform software and community had a "fight" with the guys that were producing the Arduino boards. Arduino.cc only owns the Arduino trademark in US only.

IDE 1.8.0 covers all boards now.
Can't speak as to the Arduino Arduino - Products listing is so much larger than Genuino https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/GenuinoProducts

Maybe many were brought in from Arduino.org?