I've earned a badge, my KARMA just topped 50?

F-iddy, F - F - F! And a WTF too!

See how long before I donate again.Maybe when I have 800.


Is the karma new with the new forum?
I've seen lots of great replies of yours, I thought your karma would be through the roof.

You also have the Karma: 700+ badge:

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Curiously, Karma was inherited from the old forum, but as far as I know, it's frozen now and forever. The closest equivalent in the new forum is the heart icon.

I don't think it's frozen. I just got here a couple months ago and I'm getting karma badges too.

I guess it's old and new

That's odd, I'm pretty sure I read something early on saying that karma was legacy only, which admittedly really didn't make sense.

Perhaps it's a hybrid - you can't get karma but likes earn you karma badges?

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The hearts are the new karma, so it appears.

Karma was inherited, then badges were awarded, then everyone's karma was reset to zero. That's why I have a "KARMA-2000" badge (legacy) and a more recent "KARMA-200" badge.

I had over 770.

I guess they should have started the counter with the old numbers and not zero.
I'm sorry, that sucks.

I agree.

I think it might have been a bit tricky to accomplish because, unlike karma, hearts are associated to a specific forum post (which is actually a nice change). You can only like a post once, so they would have had to create thousands of dummy posts to give the hearts resulting from a karma -> heart migration something to associate to.

Are you sure? I thought that any number of users could "like" a post or reply, just like any number of users could "add karma" to a post or reply in the old system.

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Each user can only like each individual post once. So if you wanted the @system automated forum maintenance user to give @johnwasser 2000 hears, then you would need to created 2000 dummy posts under @johnwasser's account, each of which the @system user would give the allowed one heart. Repeat that for tens of thousands of users who had karma on the old forum. So the number of dummy posts required would equal the total of all karma counts of all forum users.

Alternatively, you could create one dummy post for each user to contain all the karma migration hearts, and then create thousands of dummy user accounts to each like that single post in each user account up until it reaches the number of hearts to match the karma count. So the number of dummy users would equal the maximum karma count.

Or perhaps there isn't a hard requirement that each heart be associated with a post or that each user can only heart a given post once. I'm only speculating that the post:heart:hearter association is built in to the structure of the Discourse database and/or code.

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The answer is only important when you grock the question.


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sp. "grok"

What government DOESN'T want more money from it's citizens?

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