ixdd609pi and level converter

Hello, I've seen elsewhere That was possible to use a ixdd609pi as level converter (for an input servo line). It looks like a tri-state buffer. but i don't know how to connect pwm (pin 9 and 10) on This There are two input logic input and enable input.Here the data sheet:http://www.ixysic.com/home/pdfs.nsf/www/IXD_609.pdf/$file/IXD_609.pdf. This Is to control a 36v motor with hall sensors, the servo drive is a azb20a8from amc, i use a 5dof imu to control (connected to an arduino nano as controller board)backward and forward, but it seems not to change direction proporly, i think cause pwm are 0-5and the servo drive accepts analog input +-10v. So come the ic ixdd609pi. How to connect This? I hope to have been clear :) Thank u