IXZ500 2-axis gyro

i use the ixz500 gyro for my project. and i used a simple algorithm for find tilting angle. this algo is in the data sheet. but there are some problems... after getting several gyro output values, even the gyro in reference posision(mid level voltage) it gives small angle. i think this is because of adding small errors in each gyro output and finally there will be an large error.

Plz anyone have better solution. and is this the best gyro to get the inclination angle.

my simple algo:

(Gyro Output Voltage – Gyro Zero-Rate Out) / Sensitivity

use A2D conversion to translate dgital value to voltage level.

please help me to calculate the tilt angle from gyro output

You've been in the forum before. What was asked of you then? Quit waving your hands around, and start typing and clicking.

Open your browser, and navigate to "the data sheet". Copy and paste a link. Open the Arduino IDE, and load your sketch. Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-P.

Now, you'll have a much better chance of getting help. Not assured, just more likely.