J-type Thermocouple question

I've just purchased a Mega 2560 R3 board and am doing some temperature control as well as ethernet comms. I intend to have, at minimum, 3 thermocouples (preferably 4) as well as an ethernet port. If I looked at these correctly, the ethernet port will need the UART ports that I require for the MAX31855 (again, if i'm understanding this correctly). My question is does anyone know of a way to make the thermocouple utilize the analog ports instead of serial? Even if I have to buy another controller (definitely would love to avoid if possible) like a MAX31855 that would be an option. Thanks in advance for any response. BTW, I did scan the forum prior to posting so I apologize if I missed this somewhere else - everything I saw pointed to the MAX chipsets. BTW, my only microcontroller experience was 8 years ago with an 8051 and my electronics experience is novice - I can program well enough though :grin:.

The MAX31855 uses SPI protocol. You can use any 3 I/O pins on your Mega to connect the MAX31855 if you use software SPI.

Thanks for the reply dc42, it is greatly appreciated. I'm not very familiar with SPI, are you talking about writing an emulator or using the arduino library? I'm definitely maximizing the I/O here! (sorry for the delayed response, busy week :fearful:).

Nevermind, I found another thread that covers this. Thanks again DC42!!!

For anyone else’s reference

If the hardware SPI pins (pins 50-53 on the Mega) are free, or the devices already connected to them use SPI protocol and so can share them, then you can use the hardware SPI library. If not, then you can use any 3 pins and a few lines of code to emulate input-only SPI protocol.

If the hardware SPI pins (pins 50-53 on the Mega) are free

Since OP states that ethernet comms are involved, that hardly seems likely.