J204A 20x4 schematics/diagram wiring

Anyone have any schematics of how to connect the J204A 20x4 LCD display to the arduino uno?


after hours of googling i found it

this thread is now closed i supposed, answered my own question.

The configuration of the display, 20x4, 20x2, 16x4, 16x2, etc. has no effect on the connections between the display and the Arduino. As long as the display uses an HD44780 or equivalent controller the connections are exactly the same. The tutorial example on this site (http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/LiquidCrystal) uses a 16x2 but your display is connected exactly the same way and will work (even if you forget to change the parameters in the lcd.begin statement) if you follow that tutorial.


Does it really work with 3.3V, as sellers claim?

Does it really work with 3.3V, as sellers claim?

Not unless U6 is fitted, and the components adjacent.


Do you know what component U6, C3, C4, R6 & R7 are?

Do you know what component U6, C3, C4, R6 & R7 are?

Not really - I do not have such a display with them fitted, but it would be the equivalent of an ICL7660 with capacitors to suit the chip. I do not have a board with places for R6 & R7 so I have no idea to what they correspond.

Now I perhaps should clarify - as I understand it, without that charge pump fitted, the display will not operate as such from 3.3V, but should respond perfectly well to 3.3V logic levels.

Hi I'm new to this forum, so apols if i have posted to an incorrect sub forum.

Can anyone point me towards a supplier of edge connectors, to connect a 20x4 J204A LCD display to the outside world, with 16 x 2 pads, using flat ribbon cable?

Thanks in advance.

The basic suggestion is - don't!

Ribbon cable matches dual row connectors, while this display has a single row. You could simply fit a standard single row header pin set to the display and use a 34 way connector and ribbon (Also known as a floppy drive cable) to connect it, ignoring half of the wires and one on the end.

It might be neater however, to fit the header pin set and use one of the readily available "Dupont" cable ribbon pieces readily available on eBay with female connectors on each end. These are generally available as 40 wire ribbons and you can get and fit replacement housings which group the pin connectors. In fact, you only need the six connections on each end, so if you set up one end of a 12 wire ribbon piece with two 6 by 1 pin housings, you can connect the ribbon very nicely.

Thanks Paul for that advice. I'll go looking for those connectors.

Cheers Ken