This year I decided to start collecting artificial pumpkins and light them with LED’s instead of real pumpkins and candles.

The Pumpkins were bought at a local craft store (Michael’s), where they often have 40-60% discounts and coupons. So I could get these pumpkins for as cheap as $5 sometimes.

The LEDs are WS2812B Addressable RGB. Got 100 on amazon for $15. I originally tried to hook each LED up to a connector, so that I would be able to control how far apart the pumpkins were year to year by just changing out different lengths of wire where I needed it, but each connector had 3 points of potential failure, and I was going crazy ‘wiggling’ connectors everywhere to get all the lights to stay on at once. I ended up ripping off all the connectors and just soldering all the lights on one daisychain. which makes moving the strand of pumpkins awkward, but at least it works now.

Right now I just have a warm orange glow flickering on 2 random number generators so every other pumpkin is flickering different than its neighbors. The effect turned out REALLY realistic. In the future I want to write some timed loops where the candles all flicker out, then flare up again with blue and green flames briefly, then go back to orange.

Here’s a Video of the Pumpkins flickering: