Jacket with LEDs for bycicle

Hi everybody,

I was woundering to do a jacket (or a similar piece of cloth) with some leds controlled by an arduino that could switch on the right or the left LEDs depending if I turn left or right with my bycicle.

I was thinking about some switches in a glove (that would be sew together to the jacket), but is there any way of doing the same function with a sensor installed in the bycicle without wires hanging out of the jacket/bycicle? What would I need?

You are presuming wireless communications.

The problem with this is excess complexity. Two MCU units, two batteries to go flat, continuously operating radio receiver which uses power so you have to remember to switch it on and off.

Apart from that it is relatively easy (at this sort range) using the modules advertised for use with the Arduino.

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