jaki modu? LCD mam wybra? ?

Drodzy Czytelnicy Potrzebuj? kupi? dobrej jako?ci modu?y LCD ale nie mam poj?cia jakie wybra? bo w ostatnim czasie kupowa?am kilkana?cie i ka?dy si? psu? bardzo szybko. prosz? o rad?.

Dear Readers I need to buy a good quality LCD modules but I have no idea what to choose because I recently bought a dozen and everyone got spoiled very quickly. please advice

Clearly AWOL either knows the language or knows what language to pick in the translator and it does not correspond to a specific language forum here.

The "rules of the game" state that if you "spoiled" a dozen LCD modules "very quickly", then you obviously do not know how to wire up electronic components, so the "quality" problem is almost certainly in your knowledge, not the components (even Chinese ones).

In order to decipher the problem, it would be necessary for you to describe in intimate detail, from where you obtained the modules, a Web link to a full description of those modules, how you connected them and to what, carefully focused pictures of the assembly by which you attempted to use the modules, in what way they "spoiled" (with photographs to demonstrate) and be prepared to promptly provide further explanation of any and each detail that we might question of your arrangement.