JALKA - MIDI Footcontroller

I finally got my latest project assembled and running. XD

The JALKA is an Arduino based MIDI Footcontroller and – yes, yes, I know the code isn’t the most elegant you have ever seen – I am quite happy with the way it turned out! =)

JALKA is the finish word for “Foot”, so I thought it would be an appropriate name for my Footcontroller! :wink:

At the moment (v1.0) it has:

  • 8 Assignable buttons (each with Click and Click+Hold messages);
  • 8 Assignable Pots;
  • 4 Modes (kind of like banks, each offering a different set of messages for the buttons, so making kind of 64 “buttons” in total);
  • Reset (well, it’s not a real reset. It’s a “All notes off” message for the eventual stuck note…)

At the moment the Pots don’t change with the Modes. I found it annoying to always have to pickup the value when you change to a different mode. Who knows in a future version I’ll think of something better…

Even though I am very inexperienced with this, I gave a go at drawing the schematics for the JALKA controller (it was actually fun! 8)):

Just in case someone is interested, here is also the “plan” for the wood enclosure:

And I’ll attach also a file with the complete sketch!
I know there are LOTS of things that could be done in a better way, but i’ll work on that for a future version of the sketch.

And I made a little video to show it working with Ableton Live.

The objective of this project, apart from having my own Footcontroller 8), was to learn and practice new technics and concepts with Arduino. I am a starter with this whole electronics/ programming thingy (this was my 2nd project), and I find it much easier to stay motivated to learn while working on a project that interests me.
I hope someone else likes it and, who knows, maybe there are even other people out there interested in making their own JALKA! :wink:

I would love to know what you think about it and hear any comments or ideas for new features for a future sketch v2.0! =)

Hmmm, and while we’re at it, what is JALKA in your mother language?
In mine – Portuguese - is “ ”! :wink:

Have fun!

Jalka_1_0.ino (12.9 KB)

How do you turn the knobs with your feet?

How do you turn the knobs with your feet?

ahahah, maybe i'm very agile! :roll_eyes:

Hmmm, you didn't see the video, did you?
Well, i just though having some knobs could come handy, so i decided to add some to the project and, to tell you the truth, i actually use them quite often! ...with my HANDS!!! :wink:

Great work :slight_smile:
Foot in dutch is voet.

thanks! =)

I would love to see the code since I'm thinking about building something similar for controlling an electronic organ. Since I'm new to this forum, I'm not sure what the policy is regarding sharing code from the various projects, but I would love to see it.

the code for the Jalka is attached there on the original post. Just click where there is the attachment sign and the file is called Jalka_1_0.ino
I wrote that code, but i+m not so good, so i am sure that there are MANY things that could be improved.
But you can use it as you would like (non-profit)...

I have a question - why are you using 4051n instead of 74HC595?

Hi. i am sorry it took me so long to answer you. i just saw your reply now...

well, i'm not sure how to answer that...
i am using the 4051n to read values from either the pots (i can get an analog read from them) or the buttons.
and the 75HC595 i used to send out the high or low states to the leds.

I can't explain it better, but i remember that it was suggested to me here in the forum that i use them like this.

It has been already some time since your message, did you go forward with your project? How did it go?

here is a video of my Live Looping using the arduino powered Jalka Foot controller, Ableton Live and my guitar!

Live Looping Fun

Would love to know what you think about it.
Thanks for all the help.