Jameco comes out with "Design your project; they make the kit"

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Jameco but this might be interesting to those who don't want to spend a lot of time sourcing parts:


Wow, that sounds really cool. I'd be interested to hear somebody's experience with this service.

Haha...Notice they don't specify the value of the royalty. If you had a clever idea, you would be better off to buy the parts from them with the ten percent off coupon code then sell the kit yourself with a mark up.

http://www.clubjameco.com/index.php/contents/view/34: 4. Royalty

Designer shall receive a Royalty for each Kit/Project Design sold by Jameco as follows:

Quarterly Kit/Project Design Sales Royalty Payment

First $200 in sales each quarter = 5% of Net Sales

Sales above $200 and up to $500 each quarter = 8% of Net Sales

Sales above $500 each quarter = 10% of Net Sales

“Net Sales” means total sales in US Dollars exclusive of shipping and any taxes and net of any customer returns.

Royalty payments will be made to Designer within 60 days of the end of the business quarter in which the sale(s) is/are made. For example, any sales made in February will be paid within 60 days of March 31st.

Royalties are paid by check mailed to the Designer’s address as supplied in the Designer’s Account. Checks not cashed by the Designer within 90 days of issue will be cancelled by the bank and subject to a $25 administrative fee if the Designer requests a replacement check. The Designer is responsible for maintaining a current mailing address and current e-mail address in the My Account section of Club Jameco. Failure to maintain current contact information may result in the delay, or forfeiture, of Royalty payments.

Any Royalty check which is returned as undeliverable due to an outdated address in the My Account section of Club Jameco will be re-issued to the Designer within 90 days of Designer’s request (administrative fees, defined herein, apply).

stupid thing about jameco is everytime I go looking on their site, they never have parts I want or need for a project, then they want to jerk you around with a minimum order, which would be easy to meet if they kept crap in stock.

stupid thing about jameco is everytime I go looking on their site, they never have parts I want or need for a project, then they want to jerk you around with a minimum order, which would be easy to meet if they kept crap in stock.

Interesting, I've been ordering from them for MANY years, and never had any problems with stuff out of stock. What do you order that's such a big problem? Also, a $10 minimum on orders isn't so bad.

All in all, from my experience, jameco is the best company for "hobbyists" making small sized orders, and given the wide range of stuff they do have. I can't think of any other company even close. [no, I don't work for them or own their stock].

howabout a Atmega328P, just looked last month, none zero zilch not even a listing, now its listed as NEW in big red letters

10$ minimum is aggravating since every other place on the face of the planet doesnt have it, and when they did not have the minimum order they only had UPS shipping, so a single part would run you 10bucks in shipping

I have ordered stuff from them for decades, mainly when they were a computer peripheral seller, but in this day and age its not worth me dancing the dance when mouser, digikey, future or anyone else does it better ...

heck you want service you can call up future as some random joe and a tech will sit down with you and discuss options and specs for parts to make sure you get exactly what you need as if you were buying millions of units.

That's nice, as I have dealt with both sides of it, as a small order home hobbiest, and someone who is also buying millions of parts a month at work. (and yes it is fun to order 1.8 million LED's in one go)

Oh well, jameco's catalog is only 190 pages, whereas digikey and mouser's are more like 2500 pages, so jameco isn't gonna carry every part you're looking for. I imagine the minimum order business is from too many hobbyists calling to order 1/each of 10 different resistor values, etc.

and now that they offer USPS shipping IF they carried a bigger selection the 10$ minimum would be no problem, but its hard for me to order a few things that they exclusivity have (ie: tips for my soldering iron) and get whopped for 15 bucks at checkout before shipping

again to me its just not worth the dance (unless I absolutely have to). I like Jameco, I have used them back when they were the best, but they have been quickly falling behind for years. If your a hobby shop grade to small order shop, with a limited selection, why would you make it HARDER for your customers to order what they want?

And honestly if I order 10 different value resistors in single quantities, whats the problem? Everyone else doesn't have an issue with it, which reduces their competitive edge

My rule of thumb for Jameco is "you can always find it somewhere else for less".

I can't remember the last time I ordered from them because there wasn't a better alternative.

-- The Rugged Audio Shield: Line In, Mic In, Headphone Out, microSD socket, potentiometer, play/record WAV files

Jameco is great if I want stuff today. Because I live just down the freeway from their office :-)

Even for relatively small orders, I find that Digi-Key will beat them on price and assortment (except for robotics parts -- not much like that at Digi-Key) and the USPS First Class shipping is $5 and usually takes 2 days.

The only reason that I am not losing a house down payment selling my kits cheap was because I have reliable sources at low cost. I wouldnt think buying say my phi-2 shield from jameco would be feasible since their 20x4 display is $20. My entire kit is just $30. Even if selling there is a success, with my current price, then I will take a total loss when countless customers ask never ending questions and I only get maybe the 8% net sales, translating to $2.4 a kit. They are making all the money and I am too busy answering all the questions.

Nice try jameco. I would rather sell through small businesses such as dip micro or rugged circuits or ship kits myself on inmojo. What about adafruit or sparkfun? They never took an interest to what I have though.