[JArduino] Error compiling !


I want to use JArduino to create JAVA programs on Arduino.

So I downloaded JArduino and I put it in the "libraries" folder of the Arduino IDE (Version: 1.6.12).

Once done, I select "JArduinoFirmware" from the list of examples.

The code opens and I then click the "Check" button to check the code.

But when the code makes it check, it gives me an error that I can not solve.

Here is the error:

JArduinoFirmware:70: error: 'class JArduino' has no member named 'sendpulseInResult'



Utilisation de la bibliothèque JArduino prise dans le dossier : C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\JArduino (legacy)
Utilisation de la bibliothèque EEPROM version 2.0 dans le dossier: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\libraries\EEPROM 

exit status 1
'class JArduino' has no member named 'sendpulseInResult'

I therefore call to your acquaintance to tell me how I then settle this error.

PS: sorry for my English not very controlled

Thank you.

I therefore call to your acquaintance to tell me how I then settle this error.

You simply need to stop trying to call functions that don't exist.

It is possible that there is a function with a similar name, and that the example wasn't updated when the name was changed. But, if you want us to help you determine whether or not that is the case, you need to post a link to the library.

Class error: JArduino/JArduinoFirmware.pde at master · SINTEF-9012/JArduino · GitHub

Seconde class: JArduino/JArduino.h at master · SINTEF-9012/JArduino · GitHub

JArduino: Home · SINTEF-9012/JArduino Wiki · GitHub

JArduino.h has a declaration for sendpulseInResult(unsigned long value)
and JArduino.cpp has a definition for JArduino::sendpulseInResult(unsigned long value)

so I think that perhaps UnMecRandom has not properly installed everything. JArduino is fairly complex so I do not want to spend the time downloading it and reading the documentation myself.

I suggest that UnMecRandom read the documentation carefully and make sure that all the steps are taken. The documentation is in English so it is easy to make a mistake if one's English is imperfect. I took four years of French language in high school a long time ago. UnMecRandom's English is much better than my French.

Thank you for your answers,

I will reread the documentation and make sure I have not forgotten anything.

UP !,

I re-read the documentation JArduino is performing the steps to install it but the error always comes back.

What is strange is that when I want to install JArduinoEthernet, this works very well but when I want to install JArduino, it returns the error so the installation of the files is good.

Here is the doc (Serial usage): JArduino/README.markdown at master · SINTEF-9012/JArduino · GitHub

If you have any ideas, do not hesitate!

Thank you.

What version Arduino IDE are you using.
You may need use an earlier version.
You can install more than one version on your pc at a time.

Tom.. :slight_smile: