[JArduino] Error to code !


I want to use JArduino to create JAVA programs on Arduino.

So I downloaded JArduino and I put it in the "libraries" folder of the Arduino IDE (Version: 1.6.12).

Once done, I select "JArduinoFirmware" from the list of examples.

The code opens and I then click the "Check" button to check the code.

But when the code makes it check, it gives me an error that I can not solve.

Here is the error:

JArduinoFirmware:70: error: 'class JArduino' has no member named 'sendpulseInResult'



Utilisation de la bibliothèque JArduino prise dans le dossier : C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\JArduino (legacy)
Utilisation de la bibliothèque EEPROM version 2.0 dans le dossier: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\libraries\EEPROM 

exit status 1
'class JArduino' has no member named 'sendpulseInResult'

I therefore call to your acquaintance to tell me how I then settle this error.

PS: sorry for my English not very controlled

Class error: JArduino/JArduinoFirmware.pde at master · SINTEF-9012/JArduino · GitHub

Seconde class: JArduino/JArduino.h at master · SINTEF-9012/JArduino · GitHub

JArduino: Home · SINTEF-9012/JArduino Wiki · GitHub

Thank you.

I have tested this and it compiles (with some warnings) in Arduino IDE 1.6.12. I think that you might have copied too much of JArduino to libraries.

If you check the install guide, you should only copy the contents of JArduino/jarduino.core/src/main/arduino/JArduino/ to libraries.


PS: There is a small error in JArduinoFirmware.pde as init_JArduino() requires a baudrate.

void setup()
 // initialize the JArduino protocol

Thank you for your reply,

This is what I did, I copy the JArduino folder into the Arduino IDE bookstore

Here is what I have in the folder JArduino

Are these the right files?

Thank you.

It's work !!

Thank !!

I want to use JArduino to create JAVA programs on Arduino.

Isn't C/C++ bad enough ?