JArduino: Interfacing Java applications with Arduino the easy way

Hello guys,

We have been developing a JAVA API to ease the use of Arduino features in JAVA application.

The API basically provides the ability to write Arduino programs in JAVA and uses serial communication behind the scenes to communicate with the Arduino board and make things happen.

We have developed a few samples which show how to write simple program such as "Blink" in Java but also a GUI which allow interacting with the Arduino and a program which gives twitter notifications.

It is all available with a bit of documentation on the project page: https://github.com/ffleurey/JArduino/wiki

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help. We are very interested in getting your feedback!



Good find! Thanks!

I had a strange situation compiling the java example from the Arduino website. In doing so I had to trade out a few libraries and after that it compiled and ran nicely.

(I am using Win 7 64bit... :grin: ) Suddenly my Arduino-0022 sketch editor would crash at the startup screen!

After some troubleshooting, I found all I had to do is get a new copy of Arduino-0022 and run it.

(This is one of the many 64bits vs 32bits Win 7 problems I have encountered.) Is 64bits REALLY worth the effort? I wonder...

the 24 gigs of ram in my desktop wouldnt do much on 32bits. multithread and high ram capable programs like autocad and photoshop think ram is tasty. nom nom nom Of course I just use it for games :)

the 24 gigs of ram in my desktop

Divide that by 24 for my desktop :D