Java and arduino

Guys please help me out. I have tried everything. I used this guide

to use Java on my arduino, i did all like in this guide i put those 2 files in my java folders. But when i am running my eclipse it says:

Please help noob (me) out.

Thank you, cheers!

to use Java on my arduino

You can't use Java on your Arduino. You can use Java to communicate with your Arduino.

But when i am running my eclipse it says:

It shows a warning, not an error. Ignore it.

Please help noob (me) out.

I could show you the door, but I don't think that's the kind of "help out" that you want.

If you want to run Java on something arduino-like, get yourself a delicious Raspberry Pi or maybe get yourself that new board that runs Linux...

I can't ignore this error because of my code doesn't work. Does anyone knows a good code to check if it is working?

If you want help you are going to have to explain more clearly what you are trying to do and what is going wrong. I can't read your screenshot and I'm not going to waste time loading a bigger version. It's much better to copy and paste the text of the error messages but only after you have explained their context.


First Google hit: So, you are not alone! A potential resolution:

Please use Google first.


Arduino was designed to be compatible with the (free Java based) Processing language as the Wiring component. It works. I've done it. But you do need to include the serial library in your Processing code.

Check it out, Processing offers a lot and if you know Java then it should be even easier.

But be sure that you are not running Java or Processing ON the Arduino but rather on your PC. The Arduino will need to be coded as well, which the Arduino IDE is good for but not your only free (or pay-for) choice.