Java Arduino in Ubuntu : Could not find COM port

I am working in an application with Java and Arduino.

In windows is working correctly, the problem is when I am working in Ubuntu 14.04

The messaje of error when I execute the application Java is: Could not find COM port

In my code, I have the follow port

/** The port we're normally going to use. */
private static final String PORT_NAMES[] = {"/dev/tty.usbserial-A9007UX1", // Mac OS X
"/dev/ttyUSB0", // Linux
"COM2", // Windows

How I can solution this problem.

Do you know what serial port the Arduino is actually connected to on the Linux PC?

You will be able to tell by looking at the Port in the Arduin IDE.

On mine it is usually /dev/ttyS80 and sometimes S81

I have written several JRuby programs (JRuby uses the JVM) with both RxTx and more recently JSSC. With JSSC there is a function to list all the serial ports SerialPortList.getPortNames