Java + Arduino

Hello everyone
I have a problem: i have to connect a Java application with my Arduino + Ethernet Shield
I have to send the 4 bytes of the IP address to the Arduino, and I tried to use the expression
byte b={(byte)187,(byte)132,(byte)22,(byte)224};
client = new Socket(InetAddress.getByAddres(b),1234);
but it doesn’t work…
usually this is the code that I use to connect a socket with another one

do somebody have the some problem?
I hope I explain the question
Thank you

I solved the problem, but now I would like to delete this topic... How can I do it? can someone help me?

There is a remove option in the posting window you can click that.

However, it would be much better if you could describe how you fixed it. This might be useful to people who face the same problem in the future. Even if it was some misunderstanding on your part I bet someone will make the same mistake again. :)

I thought I had a problem about Arduino, so I asked for advice, but it was a problem about the Ethernet cable and not the Ethernet shield

So I think this topic isn't interest for others, and I would like to delete it