Java + Arduino

XD Hello, I am currently a student and knowing the arduino and very interested.

I wish someone could give me an example on how to trigger an LED on the Arduino through a button event in java / netbeans.

Thank you all. a super hug! ;)

Hello, I am currently a student

Students should know how to do some research. You could have found this, too:

I made a program for LED lighting events from buttons in java ... but the LEDs do not light the first to give pulse! That is I have to press the button several times in java for the led (sometimes only one time) .. anyone know why this is?? the resistance of the led or the communication time with the arduino java? sorry the english, I'm abroad Thank you all! :)

Will need both Java and Arduino codes, plus how the LED is connected if it's not the Pin13 led.

the LED is turned on in the arduino outputs 2,3,4,5,6, I programmed the Arduino and Java, when I press a button in java int to send an arduino that checks the int and connects the LED. the LED lights up when I press the button in java, but sometimes I have to press and often takes time to light lights too!

but sending the signal to pin 13, it also takes to light up like the others

thanks man!

Where are the codes?