Java Error in IDE?

Please help...I've recently upgraded to Windows 7, and I'm getting totally garbled text in the Arduino IDE (see the screenshot in the next post)

I've tried installing the latest version of Java (JDK 6 Update 17), and removing the Java folder in the Arduino directory, but nothing changes. The garbled text changes when I move the cursor, but really its just unusable. It must be a Java error, but I have no idea how to fix it.

Please help!

Give this a try (changing color depth)...

And please report back if it does or does not solve the problem.

hmm. that seems like a very strange fix for this problem.

I tried it but nothing changed.

Thanks for the suggestion, though. Anything else I can try?

The only other suggestion I have is to try a different editor font. I have no idea how to change the font but I do know it involves editing the preferences.txt file. This describes how to locate the file...

Again, please report back if you find a solution.

i tried changing the font size, and the font, but no change. I still get a garbled text window.

Did I mention that the garble changes when I move the cursor or the scrollbar…

Did I mention that the garble changes when I move the cursor or the scrollbar...

Yes you did. In my experience that's an indication of a buggy video driver or damaged video hardware. That's one of the reasons I suggested a different color depth. I guess the only suggestion left in me is to search for a newer (or more stable) video driver.

I can't reall help but i just want to congratulate you on the oddest screenshot I've ever seen.

I have to agree that it's a low level video problem of some sort. what kind of hardware is it?

I believe windows safe mode would force it into a vry simple vga mode video - maybe worth a try?

I can't believe that this is a video driver issue. Sure, Ive got a low end video card, but the arduino IDE is the ONLY program that I run (and I run some graphic heavy programs) that has any issue. The problem is with Arduino or java.

This is really frustrating. Thanks to the few who offered help, but really, i've got a crappy development platform that is next to unusable.

Why cant i use a regular text editor and standalone exe to program my arduino?

You can.