JAVA error message

G'day All,

I'm getting an error part way through compiling some code.
Since the error I've made is not outlined I'm having trouble knowing where to look.

The error comes up
at java.util.regex.Pattern$GroupHead.match(
at java.util.regex.Pattern$Loop.match(
at java.util.regex.Pattern$GroupTail.match(
at java.util.regex.Pattern$BranchConn.match(
at java.util.regex.Pattern$CharProperty.match(
at java.util.regex.Pattern$Branch.match(
Any help welcomed !!

Cheers .......... Mike B

I would like to help but I'm having trouble finding the code you are trying to compile.

Note to self !

Try harder before asking !!

The error was caused by a missing " in a Serial.print line.

Cheers … Mike B