JavaScript and Xml help


I need some help with web pages and xml. I've seen the example where the web page is served from an SD card and xml files are sent to get analog data to drive a gauge or two on the web page.

I want to do the same thing but I want my web page to be served from my Mac. Not the Arduino. I don't quite understand how to interact with the Arduino via xml from a browser that has been served a page from a web server not on the Arduino.

Is this possible? What I want is to get data from the Arduino via Ethernet via a JavaScript and Ajax canvas gauge section on my web page. This is part of the reason that I want to not use the Arduino web server as I expect my page will grow large and complex as I add more sensors. So, this is a plan for the future.

Any ideas as to how to do this would be appreciated. It can be with other methods as I'll consider any options

Thanks Michael

I see that it can be done through the use of proper addressing with the XMLhttprequest. I haven’t completed the work yet but I see now how to do it.