Javascript - for Arduino

I am using Arduino YUN, Ethernet and many other devices. It takes too much time to do programming with C++, Python.

When we can use JavaScript to do programming with Arduino? (Google already showed JavaScript success, can Arduino not bring this and give the freedom to large amount of people globally, instead of restricting to Python/C? Having Javascript will boost development and prototyping much faster then it is with C, Python)

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Javascript is an interpreted language. It requires a fast processor and a large amount of memory. An Arduino has neither.

If you find it easier to develop code using Javascript rather than Python it is simply because you are more familiar with it. I don’t reckon there is any significant difference in convenience.

Developing in a compiled language like C/C++ will be a bit slower but the compiled program will require a lot less memory and will be much faster because it is not wasting CPU cycles trying to work out what to do next.

I think it is possible to run a Javascript interpreter on the Linux side of a Yun.