I need recommendations for a course/tutorial for Javascript.

I'm comfortable with C/C++ and Java, plus a smattering of HTML, but Javascript is new to me.

I don't have any recommendations for tutorials - I learned it (to the extent that I know it) piecemeal over a long time. I got a lot of help from the w3schools website.

Make sure to check out JQuery which makes a lot of tasks a lot easier. And there are many other similar javascript helper libraries.

Another thing you should get familiar with are the debugging tools in Firefox (I assume Chrome has a similar feature). It points out javascript errors among other things.

By design javascript fails silently so it can be very frustrating to debug without Firefox's aid.


I suggest you couple JavaScript with something else like client-side-scripting or node.js then look for a tutorial.

Bear in mind that, for the purposes of tutorial searching, "JavaScript" and "ECMAScript" are often interchangeable.

Mozilla does a reasonably good job of documenting JavaScript (including tutorials) as it relates to browsers...

If I remember correctly, IBM has good references / tutorials for node.js.

If you like to get out of the house from time-to-time then NodeSchool is a good choice. The one in Dallas gets the host to provide food and drinks.