Javaw.exe CPU cycles

When i run Arduino IDE on my i5 laptop i see in the task bar that javaw.exe fluncuates between zero to 5-8%. This when the IDE is idle. Doing nothing. (i use it only to upload programs)

Is this ok?

Is there any chance Arduino IDE (in the future) to run as a normal windows app i.e no java?


That is absolutely OK. It uses CPU to keep the window updated, and the reason why it fluctuates so much is because it updates the listed serial ports every second or so.

I 'm not sure updating the window display can consume that much CPU cycles.

All professional programs never rise above 0% for updating the display.

I think this is related to java.

About the port polling, perhaps you are right, i will make a serial port polling function in my app and i will see if this can consume that much cycles.

I don’t see any benefit from keeping Arduino IDE as a java App.

I personally dislike this “consumes cycles for nothing” layer…

I don't like it either. Most of the CPU is the com port polling. The IDE is using 100 megs of ram as of right now!

Yes it consumes some resources. But in general in my case IDE 1.6.11 works very good, and i like how it is configured to work with an external editor.

I just save any changes i did in vs2008 express and Arduino IDE automatically loads the updated files, including any new headers, and it is ready to upload. So i compile and upload again with 2 clicks... using an external editor... cool