javaw.exe taking up 50% of WIN 7 cpu bandwidth per arduino IDE

Each arduino IDE javaw.exe process is taking 50% of WIN 7 cpu bandwidth on two different computers. Is this normal?
Running 1.5.6 r2 and 1.5.4.

I have the same problem with Windows 7, and Intel Core I5, and arduino 1.6.2

Does anyone has a solution ?

On the screenshot, arduino is not building, using serie monitor and anything else ... i just lauched the application, wait and took a screenshot

I have this problem with latest arduino v1.6.6. Javaw.exe CPU usage is spiking ~once/second to 15% when IDE is completely idle.

Note ntkrlStaforce.exe is my different/hacked kernel to get >4gb of ram in windows7 32-bit. Just imagine ntoskrnl.exe which is the normal kernel there instead.