Jaycar Duinotech Gateway connection issue

Recently purchased a Duinotech gateway from Jaycar. Running through the manual I get to the point of uploading the Blink code to see if the heatbeat LED flashes. I tried using UNO and YUN board options and the ‘duinotech-xxxxxx at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' as the virtual port. Am I correct in assuming this is trying to upload via WIFI? My PC doesn't have WIFI so I did all the same on my work laptop which has wifi and I still can't get the heartbeat LED to flash. The gateway is also connected via cat 5 to the network.
The last message I get after compile and upload is
avrdude: 32748 bytes of flash verified
avrdude done. Thank you.

Is there a vital step not mentioned in what looks like an abridged version of the Dragino manual?

It means it's using the network for the upload. I don't know enough about the board to say whether it's using WiFi or Ethernet.

That indicates a successful upload. Are you getting an error message?

Thanks for reply pert.

It's not using the wifi because the PC doesn't have a wifi card.

No error messages and I assumed it has uploaded successfully. Just that the heartbeat LED the BLINK.INO doesn't blink so thought maybe it didn't upload.

It's a pain in the arse unit. I highly recommend not buying the Duinotech model, get a Dragino, at the least the manual is better. 70 pages instead of the Duinotech 4 pages.

Will have to research how easy it is to activate and input and get a reply on monitor to test it.

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