Jaycar Duinotech Uno Upload on Windows XP

My first post and my first Arduino.

Having all the common problems trying to get this board in Australia to Upload the Blink Sketch from a Dell Inspiron 510m laptop.

IDE set to Com3.
Laptop detects as an Arduino and allocates Com3.
External power supply applied.
Power LED is On.
L LED is flashing 1s On, 1s Off.
Driver CH340 is installed.
No activity seen on Rx or TX LEDs.
Tried various strategies with the Reset button.

Next step is to try my wife's Windows 10 laptop.
Any other suggestions ?


The CH340 USB driver was removed and generic re-installed.
XP set to COM5, IDE set to COM5.

For anyone reading, I also posted on the Australian Whirlpool Forum, and it was a suggestion there to try setting the COM to greater than 4.