Jaycar ESP-13 shield - Attached are the firmware and Arduino library

In the attached zip you will find:

  • Instruction docs from the Jaycar website
  • Windows firmware flash program
  • WifiESP library
  • PDF containing the AT command set for the ESP-8266
  • Text file containing an additional AT command not listed in the PDF - changes the default baud rate of the ESP
  • AI thinker version 1.1.1 AT firmware binary
  • A simple serial loop sketch that allows you to send AT commands to the ESP chip

I found the flasher program and instructions here: http://www.jaycar.com.au/arduino-compatible-esp-13-wifi-shield/p/XC4614 Unfortunately the firmware binary on the Jaycar website doesn't work with the WifiESP library.

I found the AI thinker version 1.1.1 AT firmware binary here: https://github.com/sleemanj/ESP8266_Simple/tree/master/firmware

The wifiesp library is here. https://github.com/bportaluri/WiFiEsp

Follow the instructions from Jaycar to upload the firmware from the zip file to your ESP-8266

Don't bother trying to use the ESP-13 shield with an Uno - to much hassle on account of the fact that there is only one hardware serial available and that is used to upload sketches to the Uno.

It is much easier to use a Mega with their additional 3 hardware serials - make sure you connect the ESP's Tx0 and Rx0 to one of the Mega's hardware serial ports.

So if you choose Mega's Serial2 then you 'init' the WifiESP library with &Serial2.....and it should work assuming you change the Wifi SSID and Key in the sketches to match those of your wifi network at home.

Sorry but the zip file is too big so I tried placing it in dropbox:


So see if this link works for you.