Jeelab Dimmer plug


On the Jeelab web page it says that their dimmer plug with the PCA9635 IC works at 3.3V. What confuse me a bit is the PCA9635 data sheets says the chip works in the range from 2.3V-5.5V. Based on the data sheet I would expect to be able to connect the dimmer plug directly to the 5V Arduino I2C.

Does anyone have experience with connecting the Jeelab dimmer plug directly to the Arduino?

Thanks, Michael

works at 3.3V.

What's the actual wording, maybe they mean "as well as 5v".

Can you point to the data sheet?

Are there other chips in the board that do only work at 3v3?

If not I'd say you are good to go with 5v.


Schematic Use with 5V, no problem. Don't forget pullup resistors on SCL/SDA lines.

Thanks for your help. I'll get a couple, and give it a try.