Jetson Xavier and Sparkfun OLA Artemis IMU (DEV 16832) Board Manager Troubles


I currently am trying to flash software to the Sparkfun Openlog Artemis IMU (Dev 16832) (SparkFun OpenLog Artemis - DEV-16832 - SparkFun Electronics) on a Jetson Xavier NX running Ubuntu 18.04.

However, when I try to download the correct board definition through the Arduino Board Manager following the steps from this Sparkfun github repo: GitHub - sparkfun/Arduino_Apollo3: Arduino core to support the Apollo3 microcontroller from Ambiq Micro, I get the following errors:
“tool arm-none-eabi-gcc is not available for your operating system” or “tool bossac is not available for your operating system”.

I can post the exact messages if necessary.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


As the error message says, SparkFun hasn't compiled the toolchain of the Apollo3 boards for the 64 bit ARM Linux architecture of your Jetson computer.

You can find some discussion about this here (follow the links off that issue for some interesting things):

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