JFY Solar Panel Inverter (JSI-1500TL) Output Monitor


I have a small rooftop solar power system using a JFY JSI-1500TL Inverter which I am currently monitoring with their supplied windows application (JFY Controller) and an RS-232 connection. Though this works it does tie up my laptop so I wish to design/build a small 4"LCD bar chart display based around arduino.
I know I proabably need a mega to run a large graphical TFT display and a serial comms module and I am guessing a real-time clock module.

Has anyone successfully extracted power data from a JFY inverter as the connection data streams are something I am not sure how to approach.


I think you will be very luck indeed to find someone here who has done this already for your particular inverter. Maybe search on micro generation forums etc.

What you need to know is the communications protocol between the software on the laptop and the inverter. Knowing that it is rs232 is not enough. That protocol is not described in the user manual, and probably nowhere else in the public domain, because it is the manufacturers intellectual property.

If you can find the details of that protocol, your Arduino project might get off the ground. You could contact the manufacturer and ask nicely for it. Good luck with that.

The only other way is to reverse engineer the protocol by examining the data flowing between the inverter and laptop in both directions. This is an enormous undertaking unless you are a highly trained electronics engineer and have done similar things before.

My advice would be to buy a second laptop. Or maybe a small single board computer able to run Windows and attach a touch panel display, such as Latte Panda.

Sorry to put a downer on your project idea.

Trying to do this on a shoe string budget so purchasing another small-pc isnt an option.

I have done a bit of research on this now and have managed to get hold of the JFY protocol document so I now know the hex command sets and the data structure and sequence required. PM me if anyone needs this.

I have been able to issue these commands manually via Real-Term which lets you send unchanged hex data streams to the com port and by running a s/w sniffer I have been able to confirm data transmission and see the response in hex.

So its all look quite promising now...

I have ordered a $4 RS-232 shield from ebay, will start experimenting with that when it arrives.

That's excellent news. I didn't think the manufacturer would give you details of the protocol. Keep us posted.

Hi, I have same problem with JFY Suntree 20000TL+. Where you get protocol. Can you share me? Thank you