Job offer in germany

Hello folks,

sorry for writing english - my spanish is equal to zero. I´m looking for someone to strongen our development department. We are producing wireless comunication systems - especially for guided tours. Feel free to check our homepage :

To enter new application there is the strong need to combine our traditional products with microcontrollers, displays etc.

So my wish list is:

electronic skills: soldering (also SMD) develop schemes layout PCB´s

mechanical skills: milling turning ... building nice prototypes

soft skills english or german Windows office Eagle PCB software Micorcontroller programming

Location: This job may require to move your home. We are located in one of the most beautifull areas in germany - the lake constance. The 50 km long lake is directly in fron of the swiss alps. Zürich (swizerland) is in 50km distance.

If this offer make you courious please get in contact with me:

Looking forward to hear from you :-) Dominik

A very nice place to live.

It is a very attractive offer.

Luck and a greeting