Job Offer: Need a boffin for a robotics project

Hi there. I'm not new to electronics and engineering, but I am new to Arduino and programming. I'm studying a masters in graphic communication and I've got a background in interactive new media from my degree and I'm looking to explore more electronics projects, but I fear I have reached my limitations.

I'm looking for someone to help me develop a simple robot (in principal!) that works from a few servos..the catch is it's an aquatic robot, a fish to be precise. I've seen robot fish concepts before but I want to make one that I can develop to brand and market (the branding and marketing will be the bulk of my graphics masters). It will go on display in a tank ideally, in my end of year exhibition in Cardiff, South Wales.

Why a robot fish? I hear you ask.. I want it to be different, and for an exhibition context, a tank with interesting lights will really set it off. If possible, instead of it being autonomous, I'd like it to be powered by or at least controllable from an android or i-phone device via bluetooth. (If this element is too much then i'm fine with it being autonomous).

Off the top of my head, I know its going to need at least a few proximity sensors and a few servos to aid the movement.

As I said, it's a job offer, so it will be paid if you can help me build and construct the project, as I'm keen to learn. All of the construction/development will be part of my project so I could even market it as a joint project with a hobbiest/enthusiast (i.e. you could get your name on it and credited in the exhibition).

I cannot offer hundreds of pounds as I am a student and I'm pretty skint but it'll be something.

Thanks for reading. Gareth. (

You are where in the world? The persons does / does not have to physically close? The must-be-delivered by date is?

After about a week, ask for your topic to be moved. Interactive Art is typically a very quiet section of the forum.

Hi there Coding Badly.

The deadline is around September, I live in Cardiff, South Wales, UK. I'm also not sure what you mean by asking if "The persons does / does not have to physically close?"

Do you think you can help? Many Thanks.


Is Bridgwater somerset close enough for you ?!? If so, PM me !!

Do you think you can help?

With the project? No. Find someone who can help you? I'm trying. ;)

Does the person have to be in the Cardiff area? In other words... How portable is the fish? Are you hoping to work should-to-shoulder with someone?

"The persons does / does not have to physically close?"

How can the person test the code without having the fish and equipment?

In the same way you and I are not close yet I can still help you: written or verbal communication. It is a question of gde1990's expectations.

Fair point. Wouldn't want to try and develope a whole sketch without the relevant hardware, or suitable test rigg of some kind.

Yeah the project definitely will need personal contact with it , at a certain stage no doubt !! As it seems not only an issue of coding but also hardware troubleshooting... But a lot of other projects can be just a coding issue and in that sense it could have been done at distance. Each case its own case, no doubt !!

Hi everyone. Thanks for the help in posts. "The persons does / does not have to physically close?" didn't realise it was a typo of Code! Also, yes, a close relationship with the developer was what I had in mind, as I'm trying to get to learn too.

Iyahdub: That's around an hour away from Cardiff which isn't too bad! Can you tell me more about yourself and your skills? E-mail me

thanks everyone.