Job offer - need to have sensor added to sketech as an inerrupt with timer ect

Hi I got my press going with some code I wrote but the most important sensor the geartooth sensor (detect jam state) is not fast enough...I need to Set up a timer for 250ms. Have the sensor interrupt and reset the timer at each sensor change: rise and fall. If the timer expires the gear is stopped

This will need 2 interrupts One for the sensor to reset the timer and the other for when the timer expires and set s a 'stopped' flag

The main routine will just watch for the ' stopped' flag

See the attached video of the project...I also have a 16x2 lcd (3 wire serial from adafruit) that I want to display error conditions as they occur as well as show a bullet count(I have a micro switch as a counter button) I'm looking to hear some estimates for payment Thanks!! Eric

why not turn it around and use the edge trigger to reset a counter to 0 then use the timer to increment and test the counter ...

If it is > 1 then you have no interrupts for 2 x the timer interrupt time max interval

You can set your timer interrupt to 125 ms

If you need this code written up and integrated into your sketch drop me a PM and we can chat

Cheers Pete.