Job Offer: Will pay someone to contruct something for me using Arduino - Sydney


I was hopeful I would learn Arduino myself but won't have the time. I am looking for someone located in or around Sydney, Australia who can help me construct an apparatus which will be used to study avoidance learning in spiders.

A computer program would initiate a video to play on an Ipod Touch screen; 5 seconds later a shock would be triggered (using a low voltage variable transformer, with anti-static foam as the substrate). The shock would turn off if an infra-red sensor was tripped, or after 30 seconds had passed. The computer would then initiate a video to play on a second Ipod Touch screen, followed by the 5-sec delay, and so on.

Basically, I need to get photo emitters/detectors to communicate with a computer program, which itself controls two Ipods and a shocking substrate.

Please contact me to discuss the project and pay.

I have no experience with that site so this is not an endorsement but merely a helpful hand to hopefully expedite your search.

You may be able to find someone through a more direct route (user groups; vendors; Google)...

Hi I have just sent you a PM drop me an email if you think I can be of help.

Cheers Pete


i am interrested if you still need some one to do some work ysing arduino