Hi there you good people we here at creative escape workshops are looking for a flexible person that can meet our needs and meet to discuss projects and be a user of Facebook for regular contact of projects

Must have Arduino experience and programming

we need someone to create the code and supply all the electronics for our projects
there will be puzzle based projects and others and a nice steady supply but for now we would require you to contact us at with some information about yourselves and we will get back to you asap instant work may be available

Since you posted this in the Bar forum, are you paying with beer and wine?

How about royalties?


Royalties? I think i'd rather have the money up front, than especially since iot app companies are a dime a dozen now. I think it's strange to start a business when you have no advantage in it.

I emailed the OP. Didn't get any response at all. Either rude or incompetent, maybe both.