Job Opportunity - Seeking CANBUS and/or Arduino Programmer

If I may post this here:

I've created a start-up project in the Automotive field which requires a skilled programmer to help refine and develop code.

I'm looking for someone or more than one person with experience in:

  • Serial Communication
  • CANBUS (and other automotive communication via OBD2)
  • Arduino MEGA

I'd prefer to work with someone in Ontario Canada, or the USA if possible.

For details on compensation, product type, and more please send a private message with a link to
a resume.

Thank you,

project in the Automotive field

  • Arduino MEGA

You might want to check this line in the datasheet:

Unless specifically provided otherwise, Atmel products are not suitable for, and shall not be used in, automotive applications.

Thank you, I'm aware of that. This is not a "control" based product. It's an accessory and will not effect or interfere with engine, drivetrain, or safety features of the vehicle.