Join the Arduino Cloud Games!

We've just launched a brand new project called the Arduino Cloud Games, that we'd love you guys to join in with!

Send in a pitch for your most creative Cloud-connected project and you could be one of 100 participants to get a free Opla IoT Kit to build your idea. :trophy:

There are awards of up to $1,000 up for grabs, as well as being part of the Arduino Week celebrations. Feel free to ask here if you've any questions, and we'll look forward to hearing your awesome project ideas!
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Good luck!



am I understanding this passage correctly, that you take ownership of all intellectual property of the winning projects?

As a function of the recognition of the award, the participants, winners or members of a winning team commit to transferring to Arduino all intellectual and/or industrial property rights for the project and related documentation

If so, I'm very much discouraged from participating.


Hi Andreas, thanks for getting in touch!

Ah, okay, sorry. Yeah, I can see how that looks a little daunting! But no, I believe this is only in reference to Arduino being allowed to use project entries in marketing - publishing photos or videos on social media, for example, without us needing to get permission every time (which would be prohibitively difficult with the number of entries we get!). So the work is yours, absolutely. But it's asking that Arduino is granted the permission to use the entry as part of any promotions.

Hope that helps!

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The top 100 projects are awarded with the Opla kit to support the realization of the project. I expect that Arduino will use only the awarded ideas in the future, and not any of the 900 other ideas that didn't get awarded. It wouldn't sound ok, if Arduino collected say 1000 great ideas to be used without further fuss about properties and rights. While only awarding 100 of them.

On the contrary, I feel very encouraged to participating. If Arduino would ever reuse my idea for anything, I would already have been awarded somehow. If Arduino starts making money with my idea, nothing stops me from doing the same. I would probably not do it anyway, but I'd still get some reputation from Arduino making money with my idea. And from that I could benefit. Any new idea of mine could be worth selling.

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If the intention is only to use the project enteries in Marketing then perhaps get the wording changed to reflect that as the wording does not make that clear at all .......

Someone else who would be 'very much discouraged from participating'

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Personally, the deadline for the finished project put me off. Too soon. To build anything decent within these terms I would need to put things on hold and do just the competition. Nevertheless, would be interesting to see how it went.

I didn't understand some things:

  • Can participate only the winner of the kit?
  • Where can the participants post their project progress in the coming days?

I hope anyone can participate and not just the winners of the kit otherwise the only participants would be the old makers without any space for the new ones who have no past projects to show as an example

The Cloud Games is open to everyone who receives a kit, that's right. But the selection process is primarily based on the quality of the idea, and not the maker's experience. And final projects would need to be published on Project Hub.

Can we see a list of the chosen projects? It would most sure be a cool list!

Hmm, that's an interesting question actually, Johan! I don't think we'd necessarily considered these to be secret, but I suppose people might not want to publicly announce either.

I'll check in as people are selected, and see what we can do! As you say, it'd be cool to know what people are working on!

Erm, if I remember correcty the competition page explicitely mentioned that all entrants will be sharing their progress. Am I wrong?

No no, you're not wrong at all :slightly_smiling_face:

We most certainly want people to share, and even ask for/provide support for other participants. As you say, the spirit of the Cloud Games is one of sharing, and we definitely will encourage that, beginning to end.

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