Joining steps wont install extension

When following the steps, the extensions/app is not installed, i had to manually add it from the chrome store. Problem starts at this page: when clicking next it brings me to a waiting list form again.

Hoping to see support for the nano soon, only have 1 uno the rest is nano :(

Hi @dysan,

Could you please try again? We've noticed the Chrome Web store sometimes takes a few hours to update private trusted tester list.

Are you using the same Google ID that you submitted in the sign up form? We only added specific Google ID's to the Chrome web stores tester list.

Regarding, supporting the Nano, it would be great if you can start a new topic for this.

Hi @dysan,

We’ve added support for the Nano!

Steps for you to try it out:

  1. Make sure you have v0.0.0.10 of the Chrome app, you can check in chrome://extensions - if you have an older version the easier way to update is to restart your Chromebook

  2. Once updated, plug in the Nano and click “Board at /dev/tty” or “Select Other Board & Port” from the board selection dropdown in the Create Web Editor

  3. Select the “Arduino Nano” (you’ll have to scroll), and the desired port.