Joining the Arduino family

Hi there!! I hope you guys are doing ok!

I've got a question and I hope someone will point me to the right direction.

I absolutely love Arduino and I would love to learn. Unfortunately I have no experience on neither, Electronics or Coding...

Now, before I dig any further, my question is, where do I start?

For me to learn, things have to make sense. I need to be able to compile a code myself and know what that code is doing. Not copying and paste.

Q1 - What do you learn first, code or how the electronic board works?

Q2 - I see that there are A LOT of info online on "how to learn Arduino". But for someone like me with no experience whatsoever, is there a really good online learning I could join?

FYI, unfortunately books are not for me. I learn nothing from it. I'm either hands-on class or videos.

My apologies in advance if I'm posting in the wrong topic!

Looking forward for someone to point me to the right direction.

You guys are awesome, thank you! :slight_smile:


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IMO you should start with basic electronics if you really have zero experience of it. Typing something like ‘Learn basic electronics’ will get you thousands of hits, including tutorials (free and paid), books, articles, forums, blogs, etc. Within a few minutes or hours of study you’ll be rightly recommended to get a few basic components and tools - and you’re on your way!

To OP, especially see reply #2 from larryd in the link that Robin posted...