Ancient Chinese saying:
Man standing in corner with hands in pockets, not feeling crazy… feeling nuts.

this is from south park : My mum is so poor, she walks around with one shoe! when people ask if she had lost a shoe, she answers " no i found one!"

your mama so fat when she walks pass the TV, 3 seasons go by!

Is it worse to be nPn'ed upon or to be PnP'ed upon?

What did one mosfet say to the other one.... you're putting a load on mate!

What did the NPN transistor say? I'm so fed up with sink duties, when do i get a desk job?

cjd, you are fired....

The NPN transistor is at the job center... have you tried out-sourcing instead?

how come we don' ever see any fish inside a computer?

didnt know there were so many transistor jokes lol

I made them all up myself..... lol

cjdelphi: I made them all up myself..... lol

Hang on to your day job....

What did the anode say to the cathode?

Why are you so negative?


why did mr ohm, marry mrs ohm? Because he couldn't resistor!

A while ago I was reminiscing with my girl, she asked me the number of sexual relations I had. I told her and asked her the same. Her answer was 14, which seemed like a lot, so I asked her "you've actually slept with 13 guys before me ???" but then she answered "no dear, you're nr 2." P.s. stolen from a local comedian, hopefully not true in my case...

As Entrepreneurs we tend to want to teach our children the lessons that we have learned. Sometimes this is confusing to them.

One entrepreneur sat his four year old son down and said "It's time for your lesson." What's two plus two? The little boy said "Two plus two is Six." "No, son," his father said, two plus two is not six. "Two plus two is four."

"I'm sorry, father," said the little boy. "I thought we were negotiating.